Is it a shop...or a temple?

Are they Barbers...or Facilitators? 

Are you a client...or Family?

Is it a haircut...or Therapy? 


Maybe, it's both.


Human Nature is an invitation. An invitation to participate, an experience entirely within your control. 

For us, it's an invitation to connect, to meet, to share, to learn, to experience, to grow, and, most importantly, to love.  

For you,  it's an opportunity to unwind, to relax, to converse, look great, and most importantly, communicate. To join a community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life, exchange ideas, and continue the conversation. 

Our goal is to add a human element to the exchange between barber and client. It's a two-way street. The service is for both of us. Through you, we are able to explore, develop and hone our talents. We hope that through this exchange, we are able to inspire and attract greatness from you. 

Life is far more then what meets the eye. Human Nature is as well.

For all those that commit to showing up,...Thank you for playing.

Welcome to Human Nature NYC!